Latin Expo 2018

It is an experience that will open new markets for your school

International Studies enrich your academic or training experience through exposure to different teaching styles and environments, a diversity of studies and new places to live, study and travel. Thousands of international studies from everywhere would young people who have studies overseas have a great advantage in the workforce. Nowadays a lot of companies are looking for people to join their team who can contribute to their competiveness in a globally connected world.

Why to Participate

Exhibition is one of the most effective marketing methods to interact with the right target face to face.
Build up Credibility and recognition with the Market.
Better platform and representation to create the perfect networking
Increase the numbers of enrolments for 2018 – 2019

What do you Get

Face to Face professional student’s advisers who will communicate, the right message to the right people in the right place.
Attract numbers of new lead and potential students
At least 2 students enrol for 2018 from AISO
% Discount for September tour
The experience of being part of one of the major exhibitions in Latin America.

Countries to visit


Expo Dates

Cities and Expo dates

More info

Location: Adress

More info

Location: Adress


This is a great opotunity for you intitution

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  • Additional
  • Printing promotional material
  • from AU$500 – AU$1,000
  • (ASK us for our printing packages)
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Option 3


  • You can pick what schools
  • but if you get all
  • them you will get
  • 50% DISCOUNT
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